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Happy New Year From Hope Through Cancer Ministry

Everything in the context of time passes very quickly!
Before you know it, we are facing God!
May 2019 be a year of preparation!
Happy new year!

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Thursday, July 19, 2018

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"Hope Through Cancer" has a ministry of reaching out to cancer patients and survivors 
with a gift bag or basket to encourage them on the journey that is ahead.
You can join us and others in contributing to this mission.
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Friday, June 8, 2018

Cancer affects everyone with or without cancer!

More and more suffer the terrible disease, but there still is hope while going through cancer.
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Why Cancer? Why Any Sickness? A Biblical Answer

A Positive Side Of Cancer.

It Gives Us The Right Perspective Of Sin
       If anyone cared about knowing the beginning of sickness and why it even happens, you would have to believe what the  Bible has declared.
Is cancer related to sin? Where does it fit in this life or your life? The rest of this article is filled with good news. It can help you understand the right perspective of sin.
A Its beginning. B. Its evidence. C. Its Victory
Lets just look at the beginning. Everything wrong in this life, like, sickness, disaster, death, killing, hatred, or anything opposite to perfection is the result of a judgment that happened in the garden with Adam and Eve, because of their disobedience. If you have cancer it is not the direct result of your sins in this life.

The Bible does not say anything specifically about the disease of cancer. However, that does not mean that it does not address the issue of diseases. King Hezekiah was sick from a “boil” (2 Kings 20:6–8), which could have in reality been cancer under a different name. So, although the word cancer is not in Scripture, there are conditions described that could very well have been cancer. When Jesus was on earth, He healed all the diseases that were brought to Him (obviously, that could include cancer) as a sign to the Jews that He was their Messiah. However, cancer—like all disease—is a result of the curse of sin upon the world. In Genesis 3:17 we read, “Cursed is the ground for thy sake.” The word translated “ground” is better translated “earth.” The earth has been cursed because of sin and all men die—we all return to dust—and the method of death may be from disease that is a natural outcome of the curse upon the earth. Diseases are not “punishment.” They are a result of living in a fallen world and upon a cursed earth, and believers and unbelievers alike develop cancer and other diseases that lead to death. We need to remember that, in the life of the believer, God “works all things together for good” (Romans 8:28)—and “all things” includes cancer.

The wonderful thing is that, even though in this life on the cursed earth we are subject to diseases like cancer, we have hope. Psalm 103 has a wonderful passage that gives us a confident assurance that there will be an end to the ills of this world. 
Psalm 103:1–4 says, “Praise the LORD, O my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name. Praise the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits—who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion.”

Does this passage mean that we are guaranteed that God will heal us of cancer or other diseases in this life? No, that is not the meaning of this passage. Rather, the same God who forgives us our sin will one day bring us to a place He has prepared for us (
Matthew 25:34). His redemption preserves us from destruction, and then there will be no more curse and no more disease and no more death, and we will be forever crowned with His goodness and grace. The final victory over the curse of sin is already ours in Christ.
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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

There Is More And More Cancer, Why?

Hope Through Cancer
There Is More And More Cancer, Why?

  • in 2012, an estimated 14.1 million new cases of cancer occurred worldwide.
  • More than 4 in ten cancers occurring worldwide are in countries at a low or medium level of Human Development Index (HDI).
  • The four most common cancers occurring worldwide are lung, female breast, bowel and prostate cancer. These four account for around 4 in 10 of all cancers diagnosed worldwide.
  • Lung cancer is the most common cancer in men worldwide. More than 1 in 10 of all cancers diagnosed in men are lung cancers.
  • Lung, breast and bowel (including anus), stomach and prostate cancers have been amongst the most commonly diagnosed worldwide since 1975.
  • Worldwide, almost 32.5 million people diagnosed with cancer within the five years previously were alive at the end of 2012 (estimated).
  • An estimated 169.3 million years of healthy life were lost globally because of cancer in 2008.
  •  says
  • says ;Our analysis of global research shows that there is strong evidence that weight gain, overweight and obesity increase the risk of 11 cancers, including bowel, breast (postmenopause), prostate(advanced cancer), pancreatic, endometrial, kidney, liver,gallbladder, oesophageal (adenocarcinoma), ovarian and stomach(cardia) cancers.
    Maintaining a healthy weight – through a balanced diet and regular physical activity – helps reduce the risk of developing cancer. Our recommendation is to be as lean as possible within the normal range1 of body weight.

    Public health goals

    • Median adult body mass index (BMI) to be between 21 and 23, depending on the normal range for different populations2
    • The proportion of the population that is overweight or obese to be no more than the current level, or preferably lower, in 10 years
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