Thursday, October 1, 2015

Cancer Gave Her A Ministry Of Hope Through Cancer

     When all seems to be against you and your future, consider what God Has for you!

The “Hope Through Cancer” Ministry has at heart, the desire to encourage those that are survivors and undergoing treatments for cancer, visiting them either at the hospital or at their home. If out of range, we send literature that they can read and gifts. A great book is "There's No Place like Hope." a practical and inspiring guide that will empower any patient to better fight and survive their cancer. Patients who are facing the difficulties of diagnosis and treatment will find help and hope, as well as knowledge to aid them in their journey. This ministry is supported through sales of art and crafts and books and with contributions by those that join us in reaching survivors for Christ. We are in the tent making stage like the apostle Paul, who made tents to support his ministry. Pray for this ministry. Net profits go to cancer survivors.