Thursday, January 28, 2016

Video Introduction to the book "Hope Through Cancer" Now Available

Please view this video and share it with your friends  as a token of your support to "Hope Through Cancer" ministry. We  want to reach those that need support and need hope while going through their difficult trials. Thank you! Order at

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Official Book Cover for "Hope Through Cancer"

This is the official design and cover for the book, "Hope Through Cancer,"
A Survivor’s Journey of Hope,
With an Artist’s Perception,
In the light of Psalm 23.
By Claude Jacques (Author and Artist)
                                      Faith Copeland Jacques (Co-author)
                                          Toni Williams (Assistant Editor

“Hope Through Cancer "is one of the most unique books  about a  cancer survivor's journey with hope. The book does what no other book has done. It has the journey of the survivor, an official painting about her journey that she mentally envisioned and she found the 23rd Psalm to be in harmony with each aspect of her journey finding  a  new life, having settled fear about death. Available soon. Visit our site at   or you can get an Kindle version  on amazon. 
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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Obstacles Like Cancer On Life's Journey.....

      Cancer is not the only obstacle on life's journey, but definitely one that will stop you in your tracks and makes you consider the priorities in life. It is not all about how much fun can be gotten, but how much life can be enjoyed with the right perspective. This ebook describes how God, in the equation, opens up a new and right perspective of life with the one that gave life in the first place. Let God be the one that leads you every step of the way.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Cancer Gave Her A Ministry Of Hope Through Cancer

     When all seems to be against you and your future, consider what God Has for you!

The “Hope Through Cancer” Ministry has at heart, the desire to encourage those that are survivors and undergoing treatments for cancer, visiting them either at the hospital or at their home. If out of range, we send literature that they can read and gifts. A great book is "There's No Place like Hope." a practical and inspiring guide that will empower any patient to better fight and survive their cancer. Patients who are facing the difficulties of diagnosis and treatment will find help and hope, as well as knowledge to aid them in their journey. This ministry is supported through sales of art and crafts and books and with contributions by those that join us in reaching survivors for Christ. We are in the tent making stage like the apostle Paul, who made tents to support his ministry. Pray for this ministry. Net profits go to cancer survivors.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Positive Side Of Cancer, Helps Us Understand The Whys

This Week's Thought On A Possitive Side Of Cancer
On the positive side of cancer, we can say that cancer helps us understand the whys of life. Like why chaos? Why sickness? Why me? Continue reading

This Week's Thought On A Possitive Side Of Cancer

Thursday, June 18, 2015

God Has A Plan Even Through Cancer.

     I know that many that have cancer have a difficult time understanding the "why me Lord?". Why did I have to get cancer? Only the sovereign God could explain that question. But remember that nothing surprises Him, and if He wants to use you in a special way through cancer, you will benefit greatly. Join the "Hope Through Cancer" blog and support the ministry through prayer!
Visit us at: Pass this on and make this a cancer awareness day!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Facing The Future With Cancer

Cancer strikes many people in this world. It is not a death sentence. Rather, it opens our minds to the reality that we will not be on earth forever. The only way the heart of man can face tomorrow in peace is to know the one that holds our future. Join the Hope Through Cancer blog.